Why Niche Job Boards Are Better

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Finding a job is no easy feat. Often, before a candidate even submits their application, a good deal of research has to be done. While large job boards are great at presenting a variety of opportunities, niche job boards are excellent for more specialized searches.

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For Job Seekers

Job seekers actually have better chances of getting hired when using niche sites, say experts. Applicant pools are typically much smaller for niche job boards which make for less competition. As a result, your application is more likely to be seen.

Large job boards receive many new job postings daily. With each new position, companies receive up to hundreds of resumes. However, many of these applications are generated by the site’s proprietary resume database that use keyword searches to match resumes with job descriptions. Such automated selection tools detract from those job seekers who are genuinely interested in the position.

Contact information for hiring managers is also more widely available through niche sites. Being able to contact hiring managers directly not only increases your chances of getting hired, but it allows you to personalize your application. Template applications make it difficult to include pertinent information such as press releases, social media links, portfolio materials, etc. that may distinguish talented candidates.

For Hiring Managers

In return, hiring managers benefit greatly from using niche job boards. Niche job boards tend to attract potential candidates from a specific profession who possess more relevant experience. While the candidate traffic may not surpass that of a generalist job board, the job posts tend to receive higher quality and more relevant applications. This provides companies with a greater competitive advantage and a quicker fill time because they are able to select a shortlist of qualified candidates and spend less time weeding through irrelevant applications.

How to Distinguish a Good Niche Job Board

While niche job boards can simplify the search of job seekers and hiring managers, it is important that you invest your time in the right niche job board. To know if a site is worth your time, here is what you should look for:

  • Does the site have a marketing strategy? Are their jobs being aggregated by job search engines like Indeed and SimplyHired? Small job boards can have great reach, especially with the help of social networks. Check the site’s social media presence. Is it present in the niche markets it claims to be attracting?
  • How many jobs have been posted to the site? Are there any repeat posters? Checking the number of posts and repeat posts is a good way to determine the site’s credibility. It is also a good indicator of how much job seeker traffic the site is receiving.
  • Is the site user friendly? Is it easy to apply for a job? Is important information easily found? Nobody wants to waste time navigating cumbersome technology. The easier the site is to use the more likely it is that applicants will spend time on the site and apply for jobs.
  • Does it receive a decent amount of traffic? Clearly a niche job board is not going to generate the same amount of traffic as a large job board, but if you are hesitant about the site’s popularity, ask for some stats!
  • Does the site have good customer service? Customer service is key to any strong sale. Whether it is job seeker or hiring manager that needs assistance, the niche job board should be available to help.

Finding the right match is important, and doing so efficiently can be a challenge. Niche job boards are not right for every search but they are valuable resources for professionals trying to gain greater access to specific industries.

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